Care instructions


Water as needed by determining the weight of the ball. If it feels light, soak for about 5 mins or untill it stops "bubbling".
This must be repeated weekly, depending on the specie. (Succulents require less than the tropical species)


Your string gardens does not need direct sunlight but light and air is important, again depending on the species. Succulents require much more light and will be able to withstand more direct sunlight than tropical species such as ferns etc. Remember that the about of sunlight the ball receive will affect its watering needs as it will dry out quicker.


Add an all-round fertiliser (such as the pink crystals you received) monthly to the water that you use to soak the moss ball to ensure healthy growth.


I only use indigenous plants and organic string. The string therefore may disintegrate after a while, especially if you leave it outside or soak it for too long. 

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  1. Hi there, what kind of soil did you use, and where did you source it in Pretoria. I notice many instructions call for acedama, but I can't seem to find a SA source? I would love to try this, having recently moved to a small space and having limited horizontal space for gardening.