Friday, July 26, 2013

My latest creations

Stringing and studying is harder than I thought it would be! Made these under the streetlights of Arcadia this week. Excited to string some more this weekend.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Logo idea...

Logo idea for the cards to be attached to the strings. 

Newborn baby

Baby Aloe Vera little moss sunday treat. Made this with the last bit of the clay left, the baby of the collection.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What keeps me awake at night..

I am very anxious to move these beautiful plants into moss ball paradise but I am in need of quality clay and time! #aupairing 

My office

My sunny stoep is not only good for my plants but also for getting some work done! #holidayalmostover

String garden journey

On the 10th of July I decided to take on a new project, namely stringing plants into a moss ball (translated: kokedama) and hanging them from the ceiling. A saw an amazing precedent of this and decided to take a leap and string some myself. 
Not thinking too much about it I purchased the materials and started the "kokedama" journey on my little stoep in Arcadia. 
What a wonderful journey its been.. Within a weeks time a created 7 successful string balls and each of them carrying a unique personality. Every garden created released a sense of euphoria and pride within myself. It's been a week since my first string garden and I am truly content with my hanging collection and cannot what to string some more.
The moss balls are in trial period currently and if they establish well I can start dreaming of a little 'String garden boutique'... called "FLOREM" meaning "bloom" or "flower" in Latin.
I am sharing photographs of the journey of my stringing so far. Enjoy*